Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Poetry Workshop

I enjoyed yesterday's workshop, Poetry as Therapy, at Watford Writers. The facilitator works with Mencap using art and poetry. We were asked to write a poem about Nature in ten minutes. Mine began with winter.
"Snow when we met pristine beneath our feet. Christmas trees, holly bright with berries. Promise of the festive season, And much more." 
I wrote five verses with four lines in each about Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and a final verse about Winter: 
"Snow when we walk... beneath our feet. Nature retreating in slumber beneath bare earth. Evergreens rich with spicy perfume. Perfume like incense when enclosed in pine your remains rest." 
Well, it was a challenge and people particularly liked my lines: "Daffodils trumpeting their joy for us to share" and "Apples and pears like Christmas baubles on the trees." 
Members of the Writers' Group interpreted nature in varied ways and, as usual, I am very impressed by their talent.