Friday, 27 June 2014

J is for Juggling.

No, I'm not writing about throwing balls in the air and catching them. Yesterday I wrote about ideas.  Today I'm writing about juggling the ideas for novels, novellas, short stories and articles which are in my head.

I keep an ideas file, and when I am about to write something new I juggle the ideas and spend a lot of time tossing them up and down in my mind before choosing one.

At the moment I would like to enter a competition and in spare moments am juggling three ideas. At first, I thought of writing a ghost story and rejected it because I think a lot of competitors will write one, then I considered a love story with a happy ever after ending after many problems and rejected it for the same reason, and I also rejected a murder story. I like one of my new  shortlist of three ideas, but am not sure whether I can succeed in turning it into a credible, unusual story. While I'm going about my daily tasks I'll keep a notebook nearby and juggle my ideas for the first sentence, the characters, and the important questions, who? what? when? where? why? and how? At the thought of so much hard mental work my head is now spinning like the juggler's balls when he tosses them up into the air.