Wednesday, 6 May 2015

First Step to Writing a New Novel

I have not finished the revision of my mediaeval novel but, after a lot of thought about the characters, plan and plot while doing housework, gardening or shopping, I am almost ready to begin writing Tuesday's Child, the follow on novel from my published novel Sunday's Child, and Monday's Child, which will be published in spring, 2016.

Before I begin a novel I name the main characters.

To choose the hero's name I searched The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names. I want a strong name which also implies an element of light-heartedness. My first choice was Harry Royston, but the name of the  heroine, who took part in Sunday's Child, is Harriet. So Harry, which would have been ideal is unsuitable because Harry and Harriet would be confusing.

So, back to the Dictionary to see if I can find the right name for the gentleman I have in mind.