Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Child-Sitting & Cottage-Style Garden

I stayed at my youngest son and daughter-in-law's house yesterday night to look after the two younger children while the eldest one went to school to discuss which subjects he will take for his GCSEs with his parents and teachers. I enjoyed playing draughts and Rummy Cub with my enthusiastic younger grandson and my granddaughter. Lots of laughter - lovely.

Today, the weather was much milder than yesterday, so my daughter-in-law and I went to a garden centre. I used some of the vouchers given to me at Christmas to start restocking the front garden which was destroyed when the house was cladded to make it warmer. I bought a red, rambling rose which I shall plant to the right of my front door. I hope it will grow up and over the what-do-you-me-call-it? that protrudes from the wall to provide shelter from the rain and down the left side of the door.

The flower bed under my dining room window is very narrow, so I'm going to intersperse hollyhocks and lupins, which I bought today, with lavender that I shall transplant from other parts of the garden. To this mix I plan to add delphiniums. I shall edge the front with green and purple lolla rose lettuces, and in the autumn plant spring bulbs. One of my opium poppies survived and, with luck some of the foxgloves, evening primroses and last year's hollyhocks might have self-seeded.

I don't live in a cottage but I want to achieve a cottage garden so I shall plant a row of lettuce at the front of the flower bed and, maybe, tuck in pots of herbs and stargazer lilies.

Goodness, at the thought of all this gardening I feel tired.