Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cooking and Writing

Yesterday I looked after my daughter's children after school and fed them - vegetarian shepherd's pie made with soya mince flavoured with leeks and Bisto, with rhubarb and apple crumble making use of rhubarb from the garden. Usually, Serena refuses to eat anything she is not familiar with, but she enjoyed watching me pick the rhubarb and prepare it that she couldn't wait to eat it.
Deep sigh. This morning two my daughter's sons popped in to have breakfast with me. Deep in researching signs of the zodiac to strengthen Harriet, Lady Castleton's character, I gave up and fed them porridge made with organic milk, organic honey, black grapes and blueberries.
I then tidied up the house, checked on the cauliflowers and French bean plants I put out to harden off before planting them. They are fine. Phew! They have survived. By then it was time for me to have breakfast.
I've decided to shop for groceries and then consult my copy of The Hamlyn encyclopedia of Fortune Telling by Frances X. King.  If the sun shines I hope to do so in the garden.