Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Renovation, Redecorating

I am renovating and redecorating my sitting room.

Before a combination boiler was installed there was a gas fire in the sitting room. The gas fire was removed so the fireplace and the surround serve no useful purpose and take up too much room on the wall. So I have employed someone to remove it.

At the moment, the sitting room is decorated in three shades of cream. I am now considering a different colour scheme taken from my embroidered silk cushions. The background is cream, the embroidery is in apricot, pale, pale yellow and a shade of very light sage green. I am thinking of putting wall paper where the fireplace was (there are alcoves on either side), painting the rest of the walls pale pale yellow and the woodwork white.

The colour scheme would be sunshiny on cold days, and go well with the white upholstered sofas and large chair, the laminate floor and cream venetian blinds at the window.

I considered painting the room green to match the colour in the cushions but can't imagine the result.

Decisions, decisions.