Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pre-edits, Football and a Builder

A satisfactory morning so far. I completed the line edits for a chapter in my new novel, and also realised something seem contrived so I adjusted the plot to cure the problem. I've also checked my e-mails, including a very interesting one from an author who is a good friend.

The rest of the day will be busy. It's bitter cold but my eight-year-old grandson insists on playing in a football match. Don't children feel the cold? I'll look after his brother and sister and make lunch for them before we all go shopping with his mother, and they get their hair cut before they go back to school after half term.

I've just looked in my diary. The coming week will be very busy, people coming to lunch with me, the builder removing the old fireplace and mantlepiece in the sitting room and levelling the floor, lunch out with a good friend next weekend. Except for the noise and dust when the fireplace is removed I'm looking forward to it and determined to keep up with my self-imposed writing schedule.