Monday, 1 December 2014

Flash Fiction - Sharks & Violet Large

The topic for flash fiction at Watford Writers for this evening is Sharks. Violet Large often sends me junk mail. I took time off from researching and writing my novel to write a 350 word flash fiction story called Angel in Heaven. The big fish enjoyed being in a big pond offering protection and earning enough to look after Mum, buy a large house and send the kids to public school. The angel in heaven is Mum who was a regular church goer. The big fish goes to confession regularly to keep in with Him Up There and receives absolution. At the end of the piece the police arrive at the house to arrest Violet Large. I was pleased with my effort and prepared to print it. In spite of saving it on the lap top in desktop and a word document as well as saving on the usb key it had vanished. I tried to find it in the recycle bin and everywhere else I could think of without success. I could swear.