Tuesday, 10 December 2013

No Bookshops in Town

I went from one end of the town centre to the other yesterday and also completed a tour of the large shopping mall. I finished my Christmas Shopping but was saddened because there no longer a bookshop in either. W.H. Smiths has survived but it's stock is limited compared to the independent bookshops which have shut, Borders which has closed down, and Waterstones which no longer has a branch in town.

Daughter's Fate, Karma or Kismet?

As though it was not enough of a shock for my daughter's car to be a write off, the car her friend lent her broke down, and was followed by a frantic telephone call from her asking me to pick my granddaughter up from pre-school.

The problem with the car was minor  but being stuck in the cold waiting for the AA added to the stress she is undergoing.

I pray that in her case bad luck will not come in threes.