Saturday, 21 March 2015

Workshop, Ill Health and Competitions

Eight days since I became ill. After five days on antibiotics I'm recovering.

On Monday evening, as I did not have a contagious infection, I managed to fulfil my commitment to conduct a workshop at the writing group I am a member of. The topic was How To Be Your Own Copy and Line Editor Before Submitting Fiction. Although I was so ill,  the workshop was very well received. Afterwards, I was very pleased to drive home safely and delighted to sink into my comfortable bed.

During the rest of the week I slept, read and watched television a lot, but I did manage to edit and submit the synopsis and the opening pages of my novel to two prestigious competitions. My main fear is that the judges will prefer literary novels or novels based on the lives of known historical figures. However, with regard to the latter, I prefer fictional characters, although real-life ones feature in my novels. 

I am looking forward to comments on the submission from one of the competitions. I also look forward to sending more entries. To use a cliché 'nothing venture, nothing gain'.