Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cuttings Files + Cutting re:Frescos

As part of decluttering my entire house I have been going through box files in which I have been filing cuttings for yearsonly . I am only keeping ones pertinent to history.  Amongst them I found one I had forgotten about medieval frescoes.

A character in my 'Edward II' novel has built a manor in the early 14th century with all the latest 'mod cons' century and decorated it. Amongst the decorations is a frescoe my imaginary character thinks even the king might envy.

In the medieval era the choice of colours were limited because only natural pigments were available. For example in the great Chamber of Longthorpe Tower three miles from Peterborough red, the same colour as nearby iron deposits predominates, in some of the best frescoes in the country.