Thursday, 12 March 2015

Synopsis & Garden Plans

First thing this morning, I drafted the synopsis of Monday's Child, the follow on novel from my traditional Regency Romance. I dread writing a synopsis so I took a deep breath and confronted my fear.

Last year the fruit on my patio peach and nectarine trees grew to the size of table tennis balls and then fell off. I think the pots I planted them in are too small and the compost is wrong. Today I bought John Innes No 3, which is more suitable for them. Tomorrow, I shall re-pl...ant them in larger containers. I also bought a red climbing rose to plant on the left hand side of my front door. I already have a red one on the right hand side. I also bought 12 beautiful primulas which are different colours to edge a narrow border beneath my dining room window. I also hope to have time to plant out my broad beans which are growing in the greenhouse.