Monday, 23 June 2014

H is for Useful Historical Non-Fiction

I haven’t got time to count how many historical non-fiction books I own and use to research my novels.

Below is a list of books I chose to list at random to. As you might guess from the titles I’m in love with history.


Peter Ackroyd – Albion. The Origins of English Imagination.


Louise Allen - Walks Through Regency England.


Louise Allen - Walking Jane Austen’s London. A Tour Guide for the Modern Traveller.


Magi Black – A Taste of History. 10,000 Years of Food in Britain.


John Buke -  Life in the Castle in Mediaeval England.


Elizabeth – Burton – The Jacobeans at Home.


Anne de Courcey – The Fishing Fleet. Husband Hunting in the British Raj.


William Dalyrymple – White Mughals. Love and Betrayal in 18th Century India.


Ian Fletcher - Galloping at Everything. The British Cavalry in the Peninsula War and Waterloo 1808-1815.   


Kristine Hughes - Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England from 1811-1901.


Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Writers Guide to Every Day Life in the Middle Ages.


Margaret Wade Labage. - A Baronial Household in the 13th Century.


David Miller - Lady de Lancey - A Story of Duty and Devotion.


Ian Mortimer – The Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England.


Oxford History of England. May McKissack - The Fourteenth Century 1307 – 1399.


The British Museum - Georgians Revealed. Life, Style and Making of Modern Britain.


M & C Quenell – A History of Everday Things in Britain


Jenny Uglow - A Gambling Man. Charles II and The Restoration.


Jenny Uglow - A Little History of British Gardening.


C. Willet and Phillis Cunnington – Handbook of English Medieval Costume.