Thursday, 2 October 2014

50 to 80% Off Selected Novels

MuseItUp Publiishing is selecting its 4th Anniversary with 50 - 80% off selected novels.

The Link is.

My historical novels set in the reign of Queen Anne Stuart 1702-1714 are included in the specials.

Far Beyond Rubies. 50% off  £1.90  $ 3.09       When Gervaise sees Juliana for the first time, he recognises her, but not from this lifetime…

Tangled Love. 50% off.  £1.84  $2.99     Tangled Love set in England in 1706 during Queen Anne Stuart’s reign, a story of two great estates, duty, betrayal and passionate love.

The Captain and The Countess 50% off  £1.99  $3.09     His heart captured by the Countess only Captain Howard sees pain behind her fashionable fa├žade and is determined to help her.

To read the first three chapters and view the book trailers visit Rosemary will be pleased tor read your comments.