Friday, 10 May 2013

Regency Snippets - Prince of Wales

This is pre-Regency but nevertheless pertinent.

At 17 "The Prince was not the fat, lecherous, dissipated hedonist of later years, depicted in so many satirical cartoons. When Mary Robinson first met him he was handsome, cultivated and good-tempered. He was known as a man of enormous charm, intelligence and taste. Mary was not exaggerating when she described him as 'the most admired and most accomplished Prince in Europe'. He fenced and boxed, but also played the cello, drew and had a deep appreciation of painting One of the members of the royal hosuehold, Mrs, Papeneiek, wrote in her journal, 'he was not so handsome as his brother,but his countenance was of a sweetness and intelligence quite irresistible. He had an elegant person, engaging and distinguished manners, added to an affectionate disposition and the cheerfulness of youth.'

The Life of Mary Robinson By Paula Byrne