Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Soup Maker

I used my new soup maker today. I chopped up a potato, a leek, a tomato, four stalks of celery and a leek and put it into the soup maker. then I shredded some coriander leaves and added it to the vegetables. Finally, I poured in three-quarters of a pint of water and two soup stock cubes. It took no more than ten minutes, and within twenty minutes the soup was ready except for the addition of two tablespoons of double cream. Delicious!

Regency - Waterloo - Dancing into Battle

Dancing into Battle, A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo by Nick Ffoulkes is fascinating. It "captures so well the mood of the time and each chapter covers an aspect of social life and the characters who were there, why they were there and what they did and thought about it." The Military Historical Society.

"Ffoulkes has written a wonderful book. Drawing on a rich stock of memoirs  from those who fought and those who partied at Waterloo, it creates a picture that is gaudy, sad, elegant and impeccably English." Mail on Sunday.