Monday, 25 May 2015

Heroine of Tuesday's Child and The Zodiac

After filling in the character profile for Harriet, the heroine of Tuesday's Child, my new Regency Romance, I have strengthened it by consulting the Zodiac and decided she is a Cancerian.

According to The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling by Francis X. King, "The psychological nature of the pure Cancerian is rather like the physical nature of the crab and other crustaceans; a hard outer shell conceals an interior that is soft and vulnerable to injury. To outsiders Cancerians present a hard appearance, giving the impression that they are rough and unsympathetic; to those who know them well they are gentle and compassionate. A sea crab is totally attached to his/her home - his/her life is centred on partners, parents, children and their surroundings."

There is much more which is useful and has helped me to make Harriet a rounded character.