Monday, 30 March 2015

Things To Do in My Shorthand Notepad

At last I have worked my way through many notes in my shorthand notepad. I visited some online sites which were interesting and others that had no significance for me. I transferred e-mail addresses into my on line address book and contacted people about 'writerly' matters.

Some things were fun. For example I googled and listened to the 7th Hussars Regimental Tunes. Canter, The Cambells are Coming, Quick  Bannocks o’ Barley Meal, Slow The Garb of Old Gaul, which I decided I preferred hearing them played on the bagpipes.

I also added lots of books to my To Be Read List.

Shorthand Note Pad Crammed With Notes on Things To Do.

At long last I have finished going through my shorthand notepad which was crammed with things to do. I had made a note of the