Friday, 29 August 2014

Silver Car

Before my son dropped off the second car Vauxhall Corsa he bought on my behalf I had a 2 hour, full body deep tissue massage. By the time I reached home I was too tired to test drive. Prior to driving it today, I studied the instruction manual. Somewhat nervous about the various controls I drove it this morning. The car is in excellent condition. The engine is quiet. I enjoyed a smooth, enjoyable drive. I’m smiling again although the AA mechanic misdiagnosed the problem with my old car.
According to the mechanic the problem was the starter motor. As it broke down on a Sunday the car was taken to Quick Fit. The new parts cost almost £500 which will be met by my AA repair cover. The car would not start and had to be relayed to Mercedes-Benz. The verdict – the throttle valve needed to be replaced. It would cost £700 + vat + £300 for labour and it might need some other parts.
My son and I decided the car was not worth repairing. Now, as the car can’t be driven and it is ten miles or more away from home we have to sort out how to dispose it – sell it for parts or scrap it.