Saturday, 29 November 2014

Bay - The Herb

Whenever I re-arrange books on their shelves, it's often  a pleasant surprise to find one I've forgotten about. I collect non-fiction on many subjects because, as an author, I never know when they might come in useful.

Today, I found Garden Spells:The Magic of Herbs, Trees and Flowers by Clare Nahmad.

I have a potted Bay Tree that my daughter bought me last Christmas that is flourishing, so I enjoyed the following quote.

"Wherever the bay flourishes, that garden and the dwelling it graces are protected from flash and flood. It is a tree of the old gods, a tree of the Lord, and its spirit is valiant. Its fragrance and essence celebrate holy valour and human triumph. Take bay leaves in your food or make of them a tisane (one teaspoon of the herb to a cup of boiling water) for they have properties which heal and restore."

I frequently make tea from herbs in my garden. So far I haven't made bay tea but I shall try it.