Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lost and Found

Before I went to bed last night, I wrote down ten 'writerly' things I want to complete today. I also made notes of websites I want to visit, and of a novel which I am critiquing for another historical novelist.

When I woke up as usual at 6.m.this morning prepared to write the next scene of my novel after checking my notes, I could not find the shorthand notepad anywhere. I wasted valuable time searching for it here there and everywhere. Where was it? Under my desktop diary on the small table by my bed. I didn't see if because it should have been on top of the diary.

Oh well, I've written the scene in Monday's Child, my new Regency novel, and am now about to apply the list of things to do.

Snippet from The Captain and The Countess


The Captain and The Countess set in England in 1706

By Rosemary Morris

Release date 21/02/21014


The Countess of Sinclair remained in the doorway, her cool blue eyes speculative.

Captain Howard whistled low. Could her shocking reputation be no more than tittle-tattle? His artist’s eyes observed her. Rumour did not lie about her Saxon beauty.

 Her ladyship was not a slave to fashion. She did not wear a wig, and her hair was not curled and stiffened with sugar water. Instead, her flaxen plaits were wound around the crown of her head to form a coronet. The style suited her. So did the latest Paris fashion, an outrageous wisp of a lace cap, which replaced the tall, fan-shaped fontage most ladies continued to wear perched on their heads. 

Did the countess have the devil-may-care attitude gossips attributed to her?  If she did, it explained why some respectable members of society shunned her. Indeed, if Lady Sinclair were not the granddaughter of his godmother’s deceased friend, she might not be received in this house.

The lady’s fair charms did not entirely explain what drew many gallants to her side. After all, there were several younger beauties present that the gentlemen did not flock around so avidly.