Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A happy morning and a recipe for ice-cream.

Yesterday, I revised a scene from my novel set in England in the second Edward's reign. I needed to slip some historical facts into a small section of backstory.  So, to improve on the scene I used the main character's thoughts and dialogue. I think it reads well and hope my readers will enjoy it.

After I wrote, two of my grandsons and I picked blackberries in the field behind the allotments.  We gathered enough to freeze, some for blackberry and applie jam or jelly, and to make blackberry ice cream for lunch in my new ice crean machine. The boys scraped their dessert bowls clean but having eaten several helpings of cous cous were to full to have a second helping.

The recipe is as follows.

1 cup of condensed milk.

1 cup of cold full fat milk.

1 and a half cups of thick cream.

2 and half cups of soft fruit or mangoe.

If you don't have an ice cream maker and want to try it you could mix it in a blender until it is stiff and then freeze it. I haven't tried this method but I think it will work.

Weight-wise it's not too bad because it's very filling. As my mother used to say,'Everything in moderation.'