Saturday, 14 December 2013

Georgians Revealed

I visited The Georgians Revealed Exhibition at the British Library with a friend. The walls on the approach the gallery are lined with black and white friezes of Georgian life, and are hung with portraits of the three King Georges. From the ceiling are suspended copies of many pictures and posters of Georgian life.

In the gallery there were also a few items of costume, china and many books on display.

The gallery is divided into three sections. No 1. Public places, private spaces. No 2 Buying luxury, Acquiring style. No 3 Pleasures of society, virtues of culture.

It took my friend and I the better part of the day to view and make notes of everything. And now, to my annoyance, I have lost my notebook. I could say some very rude words, but I won't. In future, I shall always make sure that I write my name and address in front of my notebooks.