Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Excuses for Not Writing

Shame on me I haven't posted here or blogged for two days or met my writing targets for several reasons. First of all I was engrossed in a historical novel, which held out the promise of a new slant on the Princes in the Tower of London allegedly murdered by Richard III. Bitterly disappointed because the slant was not new. Secondly, surprise visitors took up most of my time. They were welcome but prevented me from meeting my writing targets. Finally, yesterday I prepared a la...rge marrow to make marrow and ginger jam, cooked a huge pasta for daughter's children who will come to tea after school, picked apples and pears and did so much more. In the afternoon I went on line to order a repeat prescription, and to order winter lettuce and radish seeds. In the evening I read Grow Your Own from beginning to end and began to read the latest edition of Writing Magazine.