Sunday, 4 August 2013

National Army Museum, Chelsea, London

Yesterday, I visited the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London and made loads of notes for the sequels to Sunday's Child set in the Regency era. I also visited the research centre. The staff were very helpful and found books for me to consult. A very happy day.

Handbook of English Costume in the 19th Century

Handbook of English Costume in the 19th Century by C.Willet and Phillis Cunnington contains detailed descriptions of fabrics, gentlemen's and ladies' clothes and accessories.

For example: "Waistcoats: Materials: Striped Marcella, buff kerseymere, striped Valencia, casimere, swansdown, jean.

Throughout the two decades the back could be drawn in by means of one or two pairs of tapes or (rare) midline lacing.

Pockets sometimes absent, otherwise two horizontal c 5" wide, welted, containing the snuff-box, the watch being carried in the fob.

The lining and back usually twilled cotton, occasionally silk; the canvas of the eighteenth century no longer use.


'white, green buff with blue or black stripes wide asunder; blue striped twill jean manufactured expressly for the waistcoats and trousers of men of fashion. 1810 Ackermann's Repository."