Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pre-Regenxcy Snippet - The Prince of Wales in1780

Georgiana the Duchss of Devonshire's impressions of the future Prince Regent in 1780

"The Prince of Wales is rather tall and has a figure which though striking is not perfect. He is inclined to be too fat and looks much like a woman in men's clothes, but the gracefulness of his manner and his height certainly make him a pleasing figure. His face is very handsome and he is fond of dress, even to a tawdry degree,which, young as he is, will soon wear off. He is good-natured and rather extravagant...But he certainy does not want for understandding and his jokes sometimes have an apearance of wit. he appears to have an inclination to meddle with politics, he loves being of consequence, and whether it is intrigues of state or of gallantry, he often thinks more is intended than it really is.