Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review of False Pretences by Rosemary Morris

F. Way’s review of False Pretences on Amazon

I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot of False Pretences. When reading the novel I felt Annabelle’s overwhelming mission is to find her origins so she tenaciously pursues all clues.

Annabelle puts her life in danger when she runs away from the boarding school where she has lived since the age of five. She is rescued by Roland, who is too much of a gentleman not to help the intriguing young lady.

I particularly relished the suspense of the reciprocal love between Roland and Belle desire, which is thwarted by misunderstanding after misunderstanding which prevents them achieving mutual fulfilment. I wanted the truth to replace the false pretences and for Roland and Belle to overcome each other’s prejudices.

Rosemary Morris’ major and minor characters spring to life. I sympathised with Annabelle and liked Roland, and was particularly amused by the snobbishness of Roland’s grandmother. Apart from this Rosemary’s great attention to every aspect of the Regency era is impressive.

False Pretences is a ripping read and I look forward to reading this author’s next novel.