Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

With the exception of Christmas Day, and even then I've been known to sneak a look at my e-mails, I work on every day of the year. So, although it's Mother's Day, I finished the work sheet for the final galley/proof of my novel Far Beyond Rubies, set in Queen Anne Stuart's reign  (1702-1714).

During the morning I received Mother's Day gifts of flowers, a basket with small potted plants, chocolates, a potted bay tree and the dvds of the complete Sharpe series. Later I lunched with members of my  family at Sakoni's a fabulous, vegetarian, Indian restaurant in Harrow. The choice from the buffet was amazing. As usual, after eating there I doubted I would want to have an evening meal.

Unfortunately, the weather is not in tune with the day. It is bitterly cold and snow is forecast. It seems as though spring will never arrive to satisfy my impatence to sow seeds in my organic vegetable beds.