Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Organic Garden

I woke at 6 a.m. and worked on my novel and other 'writerly' matters until 10.a.m when  I went into my organic garden.

I thinned a row of turnips and used the greens to steam and then stir fried them with thin slices of sweet potato cut in half, tofu and rice, and added a vegetable stock pot cube, lemon juice and black pepper for flavour.

Turnip greens are very nutritious so I felt virtuous while I ate lunch.

During the morning I sorted out more plant pots and arranged them on a shelf in the shed.

To straighten it, I tied the stem of my patio cherry tree, which I had planted in the garden, to a pole. It is in full flower. This year I shall find a way of protecting the cherries so that the birds don't eat them the second they ripen.

I then harvested some baby carrots and stored them in the fridge. Afterward I potted up French Beans and covered them with polythene. French Bean seeds can be temperamental so I put two in each pot in the hope that they will sprout. Finally I sowed cucumbers in pots and stood them in a heated propagator.

Tomorrow I'll sow peas, which are soaking in water to encourage them to sprout.

All in all, a happy, productive morning.