Sunday, 24 May 2015

Zodiac and the Hero of Tuesday's Child

I spent hours thinking about writing my new Regency novel, Tuesday's Child, which I am nearly ready to begin.

Before I begin a new novel I must know the hero and heroine's names. Their names have to be appropriate for the era in which the novel is set.

After I have named the main protagonists, I visualise them and complete a character profile. When I have filled in all the details, I strengthen it by consulting their sign of the zodiac and adding to their profile.

Dominic, aka Dom, is a Sagittarian. The summary of Sagittarians in The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling by Francis King under the heading Life Style is:-

"Sagittarians are always versatile and it is quite common for them to change from one career to another that, on the face of it, calls for quite different qualities. But both careers will have in common freedom from dull routine work and will give the Sagittarian a change to use his/her versatility and intelligence. Challenge is important to the Sagittarian...."

Sagittarians are also described as happy-go lucky.

There is much more in the book about Sagittarians. I have made good use of it to bolster Dom's personality.

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