Sunday, 24 November 2013

Princess Fairies and Christmas.

It seems the latest craze amongst small girls is that of Princess Fairies. These are Disneyland dolls - Snow White, Beauty, Cinderella etc., for which various accessories are available.

Yesterday my daughter and I took my granddaughter to Toys are Us where she fell in love with the dolls. We told her she must wait for Christmas to see what Santa Claus brings. Many of the dolls were a bargain at half price and she doesn't know we have bought some for her. I can hardly wait to see her joy on Christmas Day.

There is something magical about seeing Christmas through the eyes of children. I shall spend Christmas Eve at my daughter's house, read the story of the nativity to the my grandsons and granddaughter, and share their  joy on Christmas Day when they open their stockings and presents.

On Writing Monday's Child.

While giving my house a through tidy-up on Thursday and doing a lot of shopping on Friday thoughts of my work in progress, Monday's Child, the sequel to Sunday's Child, both set in the Regency era were never far away. Mind you, I'm trying to train my mind not to consider the novel while driving. I don't want to have an accident while in the world of my imagination populated by a cast of interesting characters.

Chapter Ten was 'a pig' to write. None of the characters wanted to do as they were told and the historical facts I was trying to slip into their story seemed to annoy them. However, my first draft of Chapter Eleven was comparatively easy to write. The words flowed and the characters behaved.

To my relief the first two one thousand-five hundred words of Chapter Twelve, which I wrote yesterday, was a joy to write.  The heroine defied her temporary guardians but did not defy me me as my fingers almost flew over the keyboard. If only every piece of writing could flow as smoothly.