Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban

Yesterday my daughter and I visited the Cathedral Abbey Church of St Alban.

St Alban lived in the Roman city of Verulimium. His life was transformed by a Christian priest who he sheltered from persecution. When St Alban professed his faith before a judge he was flogged but still refused to deny his Christian faith and was sentenced to death.

"St Alban was brought out of the town across the river and up a hill to the site of execution where his head was cut off. Legend tells us that on the hill-top a spring of water miraculously appeared to give the martyr a drink. Also moved by his witness the original executioner refused to carry out the deed, and that after his replacement had killed Alban, the executioners eyes chopped out. This account is based on that of the Venerable Bede."

The children enjoyed their visit and the picnic in the beautiful grounds at the rear of the abbey.

When I visit Westminster Abbey, it fills me with awe but St Albans gave me a sense of welcome as though the ancient building had opened its arms to me.

I will vist the Cathedral again, go on the guided tour, spend time in the library and make notes.