Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Garden in November

If the rain holds off it's time for me to get on in my organic garden. The broad beans are flourishing and will withstand winter weather. There are bright red apples on a tree, some of which might be ready to pick and store for later in the year. I already have eating and cooking apples and desert pears wrapped in newspaper and stored in trays in my cold greenhouse. Today I plan to harvest the rest of my carrots and store them in a box of dry compost as well as harvesting the beetroot. I shall store some, make beetroot pickle, give some to my daughter and make apple and beetroot juice. Nothing will go to waste - the beetroot greens are delicious cooked like spinach and sprinkled with a little lemon juice.

Back to Work

I'm back to work on my new novel after the Festival of Romance. I am researching balls in the Regency era. It seems he first dance was often The Minuet and the last dance was always the old favourite, Sir Roger de Coverly (later The Virginia Reel). I've had fun watching various dances performed on YouTube.