Saturday, 19 September 2015

Growing Tomatoes

At last, a sunny day after several chilly, rainy days. I took advantage of it after I completed the self-imposed quota of words for my new novel.  I sowed a row of radish seeds and then cut off the foliage on the tomato plants in the front garden so that the plants would put all their energy into the fruit.. Short of time earlier in the year I planted the pot grown tomatoes in the front garden, but from then on did not have time to nurture them. More recently I discovered masses of tomatoes on the plants that were sprawled over the ground. I shoved stakes into the earth and tied the plants to them. Today I picked a few ripe ones. Hopefully, more will ripen before the first frost is forecast. If they do, I'll have the best harvest I've ever had and might stop growing any in the green house. Cross fingers the crop won't be ruined by tomato blight. I think I'll make a tomato sandwich to eat at teatime.