Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Writing, Shopping and Unmentionables

Yesterday, I nearly finished Chapter Eleven of my new novel Monday's Child set in the Regency. It's fun to write. The heroine got herself into 'hot water' through an indiscretion and is about to plunge into it for the second time.

The phone rang. My daughter asked if I would like to go into town, do some shopping and have a coffee. I considered my heroine and dismissed her.

I popped into Primark and chose a fleece pyjamas which only cost an unbelievable £3 about $2. They had been reduced from £7. My pyjamas have a discreet pattern. I would have bought more if I could face the idea of wearing ones patterned with garish Christmas designs. I also bought a very pretty, frilly white scarf, some gloves and, as my heroine would say, some unmentionables.