Saturday, 23 May 2015

Birthday, Editing, Writing, Gardening

Yesterday was my twin son's birthday. I enjoyed lunch at The Loving Hut, in Edgeware, a vegan Chinese restaurant that serves delicious food.

 This morning,  I got up at 5.45 a.m. I read through and edited a printed chapter of my mediaeval novel set in the reign of Edward II. Next, I lugged the hosepipe out to the front garden and turned on the hosepipe. Then I loaded the washing machine and turned it on. Back at the laptop, I completed the character profile for the hero in Tuesday's Child. I now have a clear vision of his appearance, background, character, what makes him tick etc.
After I turned off the tap and lugged the hosepipe to the back garden I hung out the clothes and then made a healthy breakfast - porridge with strawberries, black grapes and blueberries with almond milk and organic honey.
At ten o'clock, after another session on the laptop when I worked on the character profile of the heroine in Tuesday's Child, I turned off the laptop and worked in the garden. I swept the greenhouse floor, planted out French Beans and did much more.

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