Sunday, 8 March 2015

Edited Monday's Child & Worked in the Garden

I finished editing Monday's Child this morning. I couldn't believe how many gerunds I had used. I hope the novel reads well and that I have not missed any typing errors. I reach a point at which I sometimes see what I think should be on the page instead of what is on the page. Thanks to the spelling and grammar facility I hope there are no typos, grammar or spelling mistakes.

After I finished Monday's Child a traditional Regency novel, the sequel to Sunday's Child, I had breakfast and then worked in the garden. I finished the bed I have  been working on for most of the week. It is planted with a well established redcurrant bush, a rhubarb plant, a blackcurrant bush, another rhubarb plant, a desert gooseberry and a small cherry tree, which I transplanted to make room for a greengage tree.

I might prettify the bed with some pots of stargazer lilies in between the plants and, maybe edge the bed with lettuces and alpine strawberries.