Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Regency - Research - Walks Through Regency London

Walks Through Regency London by Louise Allen, describes 10 walks she  has undertaken.

"Louise Allen is the author of over thirty Regency novels. She loves exploring London in search of the ghosts of its past and is a passionate collector of all things Regency."

Walks Through Regency London has lavish illustrations from Louise Allen's collection of antique prints.

Ten walks are described. Walk One. (Distance 1.5 miles) St James. Gentleman's clubs, old shops, a palace, Almacks, Carlton House, Beau Brummell.

Even if the reader is unable to tread in Louise Allen's footsteps on each of the ten walks the book is rich in fascinating detail.

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Regency - Research - The Life and Times of George !V

The Life and Times of George IV by Alan Palmer (General Editor:Antonia Fraser) includes chapters titled, The Coming of the Regency 1807-1814, Contrasts of Victory 1814 - 1815 and Marriage and Mourning 1815 - 1819. Published in 1972 it is informative and well-illustrated.