Friday, 19 April 2013

Regency Snipets - Princess Charlotte Heir to the Throne

Princess Charlotte Augusta born 9.45 a.m. 7th January, 1796

5th February, 1813. Princess Charlotte allowed to attend a proper grown-up function. A ball at Carlton House ostensibly given in her honour and to which some members of the Oppostion were invited. Dressed in white and silver and for the first time wearing in her hair the ostrich-feather plumes of full Court dress, Charlotte appeared handsome and self posessed and, rather ot her own surprise, really enjoyed herself, althhough she was disappointed not to see the young Duke of Devonshire, whom she had expected as her partner, and nettled by the way her Aunt Mary pushed in to claim the privilege of opening the dancing - 'always the couple above me, as jealous and ill-natured the whole night as she could be.'

Alison Plowden. Caroline and Charlotte.

I am enjoying revisiting all the snippets in my files, and some of them will be useful for my new Regency novel.