Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What is on my Mind

First of all the Hindhu Wedding Service in which the bride and groom understand they will be joined in marriage for seven births. I've always thought that's risky. Suppose the marriage is unhappy and continues to be so for six more births.

This week I've dressed warmly and got on in my garden and greenhouse. I've sown micro greens which can be snipped when they are four inches high, and peas for shoots to be added to salad.

I cut the yellowing lower leaves off my Brussel sprouts and tied the plants to stop them from toppling over. I then raked and weeded the bed, fed the Brussels with a liquid feed and covered them with horticultural net to protect them from the beady-eyed wood pigeons that visit my garden. I have also spread manure around my fruit trees in the hope they will give the same bumper crop as last year.

Today, I hope to do a little more in the garden after a writing session followed by tidying up the house.

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