Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Choosing a Title for my Novel

I have a  title for my medieval novel set in Edward II's reign but after reading an article by Alison Baverstock in Writers & Artists Yearbook 2013 I'm dissatisfied with it. She quotes: Heather-Holden Brown of the hhb agency says: "The title matters hugely I want something that excites me, and that will draw a similarly instant reaction from any publisher I mention it to." So go for something that is topical, intriguing or witty and to the point."

My characters and I have settled on 'intriguing' but I didn't appreciate them waking me up in the night giving me their input while I was half asleep. They suggested something on the lines of 'When once you practice to deceive what a tangled web you weave,' but  I told them that 'it ignores the romantic elements in my novel.' On the other hand... However, my protagonists needs to understand I am the boss and they are acting under my direction!

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