Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tangled Love. Excerpt, Early 18thc Historical Fiction

Tangled Love, the story of two great estates, by Rosemary Morris was short listed for the best romantic e-book at The Festival of Romance, Bedford, U.K in 2013

Chapter One

 Fothering Place, London, England.



At ease in his lodgings, Alban, Viscount Chesney eyed his friend, Jack, Duke of Hertfordshire, whose tall frame was clad in extravagant silk and velvet. Gem set rings, illuminated by brilliant candlelight, adorned his long fingers.

Why did His Grace’s dark square face with its cleft chin look tense while he toyed with his blond periwig?

His dark amber eyes keen, Jack spoke. ‘My bailiff tells me you bought Field House.’

Chesney knew all about Jack’s insatiable hunger for land. In fact, Jack rarely missed a chance to add to his estates. ‘Yes, I did.’ He kept his tone smooth.

Jack swallowed the last of his port. ‘I would have bought it but for my fool of a bailiff who informed me too late of the sale.’

The viscount beckoned to Roberts, his servant. ‘More port for His Grace.’  He placed a hand over his own glass when Roberts moved toward him

Chesney glanced round his small but comfortable book-lined room. Although Jack was the most influential man and largest landowner in Hertfordshire it had naught to do with their friendship.

Jack stretched his legs out towards the fire. ‘Will you sell Field House to me?  After all both house and land have fallen fell into a sad state of neglect.’

‘No, I look forward to restoring my estate. Do not argue with me, my mind is made up.’

Jack’s cheeks reddened. ‘Very well, but now you are my neighbour, you must visit me whenever you wish.’ He yawned. ‘The hour grows late. I will take my leave of you.’

 Chesney stood. He bowed with mock formality. ‘I shall call on you with pleasure.’

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