Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tuesday's Child, Author's Notes and First Paregraphs.

Characters from Sunday's Child and Monday's Child, my Traditional Regency Romances in which the hero and heroine's bedroom door remained closed, will appear in Tuesday's Child. The novel is not a sequel. It is a follow on novel in which Harriet, Lady Castleton and her son Arthur were introduced at the end of Monday's Child, so there is no need for the previous novels to be read in order to follow the story.

My first attempt to begin the novel was an extract from Monday's Child that partially introduced Harriet's recent past. I wrote a page and a half, then realised it didn't work. Next I wrote a brief author's note, in which I refer to Monday's Child to introduce the circumstances which led to the fraught situation in the opening paragraphs. I might change my mind later but, at the moment it seems an excellent solution.

The remainder of Harriet's immediate past can be revealed through conversation, body language and her thoughts.

I'm really looking forward to 'getting to grips' with the story which is taking shape in my mind.

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