Friday, 8 May 2015

Hero's Name for My New Novel

After a lot of thought, I have chosen the name for the hero of my new novel. It is Dominic aka Nic Carlton. I've also chosen his sister's name, Caroline Carlton.

When I choose names, I also research their history.

The origin of Dominic is the Latin word dominicus, which means 'of the Lord'. According to The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian names Dominic may have been given to children born on a Sunday. "The name was never common in England and after the Reformations was used almost exclusively by Roman Catholics."

With regard to the hero of Tuesday's Child, his family have chosen to name boys Dominic from generation to generation before and after the Reformation.

Caroline was introduced to England by George II's queen, Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach. "It became a favourite English Christian name in England in the 18th century."

Now that I have chosen their names I can work on their character profiles.

I hope you like the name I chose for a Regency gentleman.

P.S. I know the Prince Regent's house in London was Carlton House but I don't think my choice of Carlton is a problem.

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