Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bribery - Gambados - Granddaughter

I bribed my granddaughter to be good, not only with me, with a promise to take her to Gambados, an indoor play area. Earlier in the week, I promised to take her on Sunday because my daughter said she had behaved well throughout the Easter holiday. She was so excited that she told the plumber, the postman and everyone else she came into contact with: "My grandma's taking me to Gambados."

So, yesterday, with cucumber and cheese sandwiches, shortbread topped with chocolate, and small cartons of apple juice for lunch, she had her reward, and I deserve wings and a halo. Gambados is an indoor children's play area. The music turned up to full volume, excited children's chatter etc., and adult conversation conducted loudly in order to be heard is deafening.

My five year-old granddaughter's enthusiasm and happiness made the visit worth while although my wings and halo haven't appeared. From 10 30 a.m. when we arrived until we left at 12.45 she did not stop smiling. She climbed up the platforms to the overhead area with tunnels and other challenges, drove bumper cars making three point turns and reversing with expertise, hurtled down a long slide as well as riding a horse on the fairground style carousel.

She loved our visit so much that I've promised to take her again if she continues to be good.

I took her home, and then, for an end of the holidays treat, we went to our favourite vegetarian Indian restaurant, Sakonis, in Harrow.

Full to the brim with good food, we went home and I dashed down to Asda to buy some Schlur and nibbles to contribute to Watford Writers official change of venue from Cha Café to Oddfellows Hall.

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