Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ashridge Estate on Easter Sunday

Yesterday, it was a little chilly at Ashridge Estate but  my daughter, my twin sons and nine grandchildren enjoyed giveing and receiving Easter eggs and cards, and each other's company. After a long walk we sat outside the café having hot drinks and scones full of cream and strawberry jam. From our seats we were entertained by the sight of my two taller grandsons trying to hoist my daughter's shorter son up into a huge tree. Eventually, my twin sons heaved him up and then helped the other two into the tree. The branches spread out leaving a hollow where the three of them sat and chatted for ages. The three girls entertained themselves, climbing another smaller tree and the two younger boys found plenty to do.

We finished the day off with a delicious, vegetarian meal at an Indian restaurant down the road from me. By the time I reached home at half past eight I thought I would drop off to sleep while watching Poldark but managed to stay awake.

Today, after I finish writing and 'writerly' matters,I plan to get on in the garden, planting out more broad beans which are in the greenhouse etc., etc.

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