Monday, 9 March 2015

Shopping and Writing on a Cold Day

After several balmy days snow is forecast in the north of the British Isles. Elsewhere there might be frost overnight and in the west I think there might be strong winds and rain.

Instead of working in my organic garden I did the week's shopping after the hours in the morning which I set aside every day to write.

I have to compose a letter, that will include the single sentence premise to the publisher re: Monday's Child, my most recent traditional Regency Romance. In case anyone is wishes to know what my definition means it is that as a rule I don't open the bedroom door wide in my novels.

I also have to write the 'dreaded' synopsis. Then the happy day when I can submit the novel will arrive. Hopefully, by the 15th of March.

Next week I am giving a talk on editing at the writers' group which, more often than not, I attend on Monday evenings. This evening I shall read an extract from my novel set in the reign of Edward II. It is the first of a trilogy that I began ages ago, which I have worked on intermittently in between writing other novels.

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