Monday, 9 June 2014

Discipline - Historical Novelist

Every day I write and engage in 'writerly' activities for a set number of hours in the morning, early afternoon and evening. To complete a novel I need to be self-disciplined, and this includes time spent working on the laptop and computer. I force myself to take a five minute break every half an hour in order to exercise my body in various ways. I roll my shoulders ten times, press my shoulders down then release them slowly ten times, and I stretch up and hold onto the top of the door then allow my body to sag. This stretches my muscles and helps my joints not to stiffen. During some other breaks I choose one activity sorting the laundry and putting it in the washing machine, rinsing dishes and utensils and loading the dishwasher, popping out to water some plants, tidying up a few things, etc.,. The important thing is not to sit in one position for hours on end.

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