Monday, 17 February 2014

Out of Sorts

I'm out of sorts today. I intended to post another snippet from my new release, The Captain and The Countess, but work started on my new kitchen. From early this morning workmen have been coming and going so I haven't been able to concentrate. All the appliances have been moved, and nearly everything else that is non-essential has been packed in cardboard cartons and moved into the sitting room in which the furniture is covered with dust sheets.

Tomorrow the electrician is coming. There will be no electricity from 8.a.m. until the electrician leaves. Fortunately, I can go to my daughter's house to make cups of tea etc.

I'm told the work won't be completed until the 3rd of March. I'm sure I'll  be delighted with the completed kitchen but I wish it could be finished earlier. Mind you, I feel ungrateful as I should be pleased to be getting a new kitchen instead of being out of sorts.

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