Friday, 28 February 2014

Behind my Writing Schedule

Every week I plan my 'writerly' activities. However, as I've posted before, real life often intervenes. My daughter's asthma attacks were decreasing. However she was suffering acute pain in her upper arm and shoulder so she saw a doctor at the emergency surgery. He did not know what was wrong and prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets. My daughter's asthma grew much worse. She then found out the medication is unsuitable for people who suffer from asthma. Back to the surgery today, where she saw another doctor. She has either dislocated her shoulder or the cartilage is swollen and wrapped round a muscle. Anyway, she can't drive so I did the school run and took her to hospital for an x ray.
I've made a huge pot of vegetarian Scotch broth for her and her family, but she doesn't feel like eating because she also has the migraine from hell. If it would help I would cry for her.

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